Female seeds are the Wonder Woman of the cannabis world, offering a number of advantages for home growers. They allow cultivators to guarantee that their plants will be all-female and eliminate the need to sex the crop, which can be a laborious process involving counting the seeds in each plant or wasting good buds. They also free up space and time by eliminating the need to separate male and female plants. Feminized seed breeders can induce hermaphrodism in the plants by spraying them with a silver thiosulfate solution early on in the flowering cycle. The solution works to inhibit ethylene production and cause a hormonal shift in the plants, which causes them to produce pollen. The resulting pollen will contain the female X chromosome and fertilize the rest of the plants to produce female seeds. The breeders at Kannabia use this method to create their feminized seeds, which are readily available in most of their popular strains. Exploring the World of Marijuana Seeds: Tips for Selecting, Germinating, and Growing Your Own Cannabis Plants Growers who choose feminized seeds can expect higher yields and a more consistent crop in terms of growth traits and cannabinoid content. They can also avoid the need to separate male and female plants, which can waste valuable growing space or cause unwanted pollination. This helps to save time and resources, making it easier for growers to manage a larger crop. Finally, a predominately female crop is less likely to be affected by pests and diseases than one that includes male plants.