The early years of a child’s life are a critical time for their physical, emotional and social development. That’s why parents should consider carefully the type of Childcare Woodford they choose for their children, and how that care will impact their toddler’s learning.

What are the advantages of a daycare center?

In order to make a good choice, it’s important to visit a centre or home in person to see the setting for yourself and to ask questions. Look for a clean, safe environment that’s well-stocked with age-appropriate toys and books. Also, ask to observe a playtime session and pay attention to whether staff interact with the kids in a way that shows they are genuinely interested in them (i.e. they don’t just supervise but actually get down on the floor with the kids to play).

If possible, try to visit the centre or home toward the end of the day, when kids are likely to be in a more receptive mood. Lastly, ask for a rundown of daily activities, including meal times, naptimes, music and arts and crafts time, sports and games, and free play. Ask about discipline policies, and in particular what the caregiver’s approach is to handling challenging behavior.

Finally, be sure to check out the provider’s credentials and licenses. While a state licence doesn’t guarantee that your child will be in the hands of a qualified and loving caregiver, it does ensure that the facility meets government-set health and safety standards. You can find out more about state licensing requirements by visiting Child Care Aware of America, or your state’s website.

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