Your POS system is one of the most important investments you’ll make for your restaurant. It needs to align with what your restaurant needs now, and support your business’s growth over time. It’s also crucial that the restaurant POS you choose provides ease of use for your staff and customers. It’s a good idea to request a product demonstration from the POS providers you’re considering. See for yourself how simple their systems are to navigate, and test out key restaurant processes like splitting checks and transferring tabs.

In addition to pos system for restaurant , look for a POS that can integrate online ordering and delivery platforms. Having the ability to manage pickup and delivery orders through your POS will give your guests more options for how they order, while allowing you to process and ring up these types of orders faster.

If you offer a loyalty program, make sure the POS can easily track and redeem rewards. It’s a great feature for building customer engagement, and can help you attract new customers as well as reward repeat business.

Boosting Your Bar’s Profit Margins with the Latest POS Technology: A Comprehensive Overview

You need to know how your restaurant is performing, which is why it’s important to have access to comprehensive reporting and insights. A quality POS will provide data on everything from average tips and sales per employee to daily table turns and seating efficiency.

Look for a POS that automatically prompts your front-of-house team to upsell items located in your Golden Triangle, or the most profitable sections of your menu. You can also find a great solution that integrates scheduling software, letting you instantly find the right servers for an upcoming busy night.

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