TikTok offers a unique platform for eCommerce brands to promote their products, connect with consumers and drive business growth. With high ROI on ad spend compared to other social platforms and content that consumers enjoy, it’s no wonder why businesses are investing in this platform.

To determine how much to promote on tiktok, start by identifying your goals and objectives. This could include boosting e-commerce sales, driving app installs or increasing brand awareness. Once you know your goal, it’s easier to calculate the costs involved in achieving it.

You can promote your videos via the Tiktok promotion feature or create a branded campaign that features video, audio, photo, and mobile banner ads. The cost of a branded campaign will vary depending on the type of video you are creating and how many impressions you want to reach.

Investing Wisely: Determining the Cost to Promote on TikTok

The cost of a Tiktok influencer post can range from $5 to $2,000+, depending on the number of followers and credibility of the influencer. In addition to the cost of the post, you will also need to factor in production costs such as editing and music.

Whether your video is entertainment-related or promotional, make sure to focus on the user experience and provide value for your audience. While getting lots of likes and comments is great, the ultimate objective is to drive conversions. A great way to do that is by featuring product placements in videos and leveraging affiliate marketing.

To promote your videos on Tiktok, open the “Promotions” page and select the video you wish to boost. Select either – Automatic – for Tiktok to determine the audience; or – Custom – to set your targeting parameters. Once you choose a budget and timeline, Tiktok will give you an estimated view count for your boosted video. Your Promotion details page will be a resourceful tool both during and after your campaign, offering valuable insights on how well your ad is performing.

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