YouTube offers e-commerce brands a huge audience, advanced targeting strategies and a wide variety of advertising formats. One of those formats, YouTube Discovery ads, can help drive brand awareness and consideration while delivering measurable business impact. Using video creative assets and strong Call To Actions, this format can generate increased favorability and purchase intent.

Google video discovery ads, also known as in-feed video ads, appear on the homepages, search results pages and suggested video feeds of users on the google app. Unlike TrueView in-stream video ads, they don’t interrupt people’s videos, and instead offer the opportunity to see an ad that doesn’t distract from what they’re watching.

Video ads are a great way to communicate your brand’s value, but they need to be well-planned and executed to perform. With this in mind, partnering with a digital agency is an excellent option to ensure you are working with a team that can take your campaign from concept to execution.

Exploring Google Video Discovery Ads: Engaging Audiences with Video C

To get started, head to your Google Ads account and create a new campaign. Choose your campaign goal and budget. Use Optimized targeting to let Google’s machine learning determine the best audiences for your ads. You can also add audience expansion to reach a larger number of people who may be interested in your ad. For a YouTube discovery campaign, make sure to include both landscape and vertical short-form video assets, as well as a product feed when possible.

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