A weight lifting belt is a special piece of gear that you can use to boost the strength and performance of your workouts. It helps you create intra-abdominal pressure to build more tension and stiffness which leads to stronger lifts.

When should I start using a lifting belt?

Intra-abdominal pressure allows you to lift heavier weights because it helps prevent your core from sagging during heavy lifts, which can lead to a lower back injury or injury to the spinal column. You can increase your intra-abdominal pressure by bracing, a technique that involves breathing into the belly and exhaling forcefully.

There are many different types of weight lifting belts on the market. They are made from various materials, come with different lock systems, and come in a variety of sizes. This link : https://www.ryderwear.com/collections/lifting-belts

Nylon lifting belts are the most common type of lifting belt, although leather is also available. Nylon belts are usually thinner and less rigid than leather belts, which is more suitable for functional fitness-style training.

The most important factor when selecting a belt is the amount of support you need for your workouts. This will depend on your level of skill and fitness goals, as well as your personal preference.

For example, if you want to train heavier than your max for the squat or deadlift, you might want to invest in a thicker power belt. This will give you more support and help you build your strength faster.

A lifting belt can also help you improve your breathing mechanics and bracing techniques. This is especially important for women lifters, who often have lower back pain and struggle with proper bracing while training. Breathing properly will allow you to increase the amount of intra-abdominal pressure you can produce while working out and make you more powerful.

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