Necklaces are a subtle way to add a touch of style without going overboard or drawing attention. The best mens pendants are unfussy and simple, a great way to let your personality shine through.

Meaningful Pendants That Are A Statement

When you buy a necklace, it should be a piece of jewelry that tells a story. It should be something that reflects you, your values, and your personality.

Pendants are an easy way to make a statement, but it can be hard to know where to start. They come in a variety of forms and styles, from oblong shapes to geometric designs to abstract pieces that have no shape at all.

Chains are another popular type of pendant. They can be made from different materials and come in various lengths, but the key to a good chain is to choose one that matches the pendant it holds.

The thickness of a necklace is also important, as a thin chain will not hold a heavy pendant. The thicker the chain, the more expensive it is.

Leather is a great option for a first necklace for men because it is lightweight and inexpensive. It can be paired with different chains and cords to experiment with your look without spending a lot of money up front.

Chokers are an unusual choice for men’s necklaces because they essentially wrap around the neck, instead of hanging on the chest. The look is casual, and they’re often made with hemp or rope cord.

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