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The postcard is one of the most versatile marketing tools around. Whether it’s telling your audience you’re open for business or offering an irresistible offer, they’re quick to design and inexpensive to produce. Unlike digital promotions, they can be sent to specific audiences and can even incorporate variable data printing to create customized pieces. Go here

The key to any effective postcard campaign is understanding its goal and the target audience. Postcards are great for generating leads, getting people in the door and creating brand awareness. But they’re not the best tool for making immediate sales or closing deals. Instead, use them to generate interest and excitement in your product or service and then follow up with more targeted information using other marketing tactics.

Postcard Print and Mail Service: Simplifying Your Direct Marketing Efforts

Postcards can be designed to stand out by adding custom cutting and embossing. This adds a tactile element to the piece that grabs attention. Foil stamping is a process that uses heated dies to adhere colored foil into the paper. The result is a shiny, visually arresting effect that can be used on its own or in combination with embossing.

Postcards can also be printed on uncoated heavy card stock, which is ideal for writing on by hand. The thick material makes it easier to write on and ensures your message stands out in the mailbox. This type of postcard requires presort automation and will need an Intelligent Mail barcode in order to qualify for the lowest postage rates. Summit Printing can perform all of the processing and sorting necessary to get you these lower rates.

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