Having a stage platform in your facility is a great way to step up the look and feel of your events. This is especially true for events that require a large audience and a high level of visibility.

One of the most important decisions when determining whether to invest in a permanent or temporary stage platform is understanding what kind of events you plan on hosting at your venue. While this can be a tricky question to answer, you can use some simple points of consideration to help guide your decision. URL https://modularflatstaging.co.uk/

Sustainable Staging Solutions: Exploring Eco-Friendly Options

When selecting a stage platform, it is important to select a system that is durable enough to handle the dynamic forces created by dancing, jumping and cheering. This is why many portable stages are constructed with either carpet or a hardboard deck surface.

Additionally, a good quality stage will feature a modular aluminum extruded frame with a powder coated finish. Each stage deck is connected using a unique, fast and secure method called coffin locks that uses no pins to connect the pieces together. This means if the stage ever gets damaged, the piece can be replaced with minimal fuss.

Lastly, a temporary stage platform should be designed to meet the International Building Codes and fire codes for the type of construction in which it is installed. This includes being able to support the load of people on top of it, and meeting the requirements for the fire resistance rating of the floor below the stage.

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