Feminine Health

The health of women is fundamental to the wellbeing of the entire society. Its impact reaches across all areas of society, from healthcare and education to economic development. Despite this, many women continue to suffer from poorer outcomes than men in a variety of health conditions, especially when it comes to reproductive, gynecological and general healthcare. Go here https://getflowerpower.com

Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the biggest concerns for women, with HIV and syphilis among the most common. They can affect physical and mental aspects of sexual health, including fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm.

Healthy vaginas have a pH of about 4.5 or lower, which protects them from infection by maintaining a balance of healthy bacteria called Lactobacilli. This natural balance is triggered by estrogen, one of the female sex hormones.

How to Manage Painful Periods: Causes and Treatments

Keeping your vulva healthy is much easier than you think, and it doesn’t require special products or requirements. It’s all about understanding how your body works and making sure to maintain a clean, safe environment around it.

Vulvar hygiene and genital health are essential parts of healthy and happy sexual relationships. Without them, you’ll have trouble reaching orgasm, have problems with your relationship, and experience stress.

The current approach to women’s health does not adequately address the health issues that are most important for the greatest number of women, namely non-communicable diseases (NCDs). A broadened definition of the term “women’s health” and a sex-disaggregated approach to healthcare data collection and analysis are needed to optimise the health of women globally.

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