The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, has over a hundred HOAs, or homeowners associations. There are also several neighborhood organizations. While some neighborhoods are home to an specialist HOA Company, others do not. In many cases, homeowners will vote for or against a proposed ordinance. For example, in the Reunion/Enclave neighborhood in Steele Creek, an HOA bans short-term rentals. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF NORTH CAROLINA The North Carolina Attorney General plays an important role in protecting the citizens of this state. Those who live in HOAs are able to find out who is on their board of directors through the HOA Directory. The directory also provides contact information for the community's board members. In this way, residents can get to know their neighbors. If you live in a community with HOAs, it's important to learn about the HOA's budgets and reserve funds. It's also important to find out if there are any lawsuits, pending assessments, or CC&Rs. If the HOA has a reserve fund, it could be used to fix major issues in the community. While an HOA can be beneficial, the dues are not cheap. After all, there is a monthly or annual fee to pay. This can be a pain to pay on top of your mortgage.