The right watch can help a special forces operator stay focused on the task at hand. They must be rugged, tough, and capable of keeping accurate time in the most difficult conditions. And while a lot of watches have had the honor of making it onto the wrists of special operations personnel, only a few have managed to rise above the rest. These are the ones that are often chosen to be a part of an elite team’s kit. Resource :

What are the big 3 watch brands?

For those who are seeking the ultimate in military watches, there is nothing quite like the Casio Pathfinder. This model features a large and easy-to-read dial, amber lume for nighttime legibility and is built to withstand any environment.

This watch also has some advanced tactical functionality — including the ability to record GPS data in MGRS format, support navigation by showing current location in relation to pre-planned routes and waypoints and more. Those are just some of the reasons why this particular model is so popular among special operations personnel.

Another model that is frequently seen on the wrists of special operations personnel is the Suunto Traverse Alpha. It is an extremely versatile model that offers a lot of different features including compass, barometer (for predicting weather), altimeter, thermometer, hunt/fish calendar and moonrise/sunset alarm. It even has a backlight that is compatible with night vision goggles.

Choosing the right military-style watch is not an easy task. There are many factors that come into play, and each individual person may have different needs and preferences. However, the models that we’ve listed here all offer something unique to make them a top choice for Special Forces personnel and anyone who wants to be able to keep up with the fast pace of today’s world.

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