Breakfast in bed table tray is the perfect way to enjoy a morning meal in the comfort of your own home. Serve a full size breakfast, light organic meals, a variety of fruit and juices to your family or guests with this versatile and stylish tray.

What size is a breakfast in bed table?

Tray tables made of wood are usually carved or decorated with ornaments and can be bought in different styles like shabby chic, French country or minimalist design. Some models also come with leather trims that give them a more exclusive look and make them perfect housewarming gifts. More info :

Foldable legs on many bed trays enable them to prop up when open and collapse when they are not in use for space saving storage. Some are even designed to be used as serving trays for breakfast in bed and dinners with the family.

Natural Bamboo is one of the best materials to choose for bed trays as it is strong and beautiful. It is also known for its durability and is eco-friendly.

Using a bed tray can help you stay in bed longer and relax while enjoying a meal, reading or working on your laptop. Some trays have adjustable heights and angles so you can sit in a comfortable position while you work.

Some bed trays are designed for use as a laptop stand, so they have multiple compartments that are ideal for organizing your work space. Some trays are also equipped with USB charging ports for laptops and other devices. Some are also collapsible to save space while you travel.

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