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The right forklift spare parts Malaysia help ensure that your materials handling equipment stays up and running as it should. Regular maintenance steps like gentle operating practices and adequate lubrication help offset normal wear and tear. However, even the best-maintained forklifts will need replacement forklift parts from time to time. Knowing what to look for can help you locate high-quality replacement forklift parts in Detroit.


Forklift brakes are responsible for slowing and stopping the vehicle, and they’re a key safety component. If they fail, a forklift could crash, potentially injuring your employees or damaging products. Replace forklift brakes when they reach the recommended replacement level, as well as any time you see signs of damage or deterioration.


The battery is critical for electric-powered forklifts. If it fails, you’ll lose power. Keeping spare batteries on hand can minimize downtime and reduce the risk of costly accidents. Look for any signs of battery trouble, including squeaking or grinding noises.


Your forklift’s tires do the heavy lifting, so they’re vulnerable to damage and wear. Look for signs of damage or deterioration, such as cracks in the sidewalls or tread, and keep an eye out for any missing chunks of rubber. You should also monitor the tread wear line and consider replacing tires when they hit that mark. A swing lever (also known as a fork positioner) is a type of attachment that mounts on the carriage, allowing you to move loads side-to-side within a rack.

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