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We all know that drinking enough water is essential for a healthy life. But sometimes getting in those ounces can feel like an uphill battle. And that’s where real hydration drinks come in.More info

Whether you’re trying to get through your workout or simply feel dehydrated, there is an endless supply of electrolyte beverages, coconut waters, powder mixes and drink tablets that can help get you back on track. However, many of these drinks are packed with sugars and unnecessary chemicals, and can actually work against your hydration goals. So which are the best?

Sip Smart: Exploring the Benefits of Real Hydration Drinks for Your Active Lifestyle

When it comes to hydrating, the simplest option is always going with water. But plain old water can be boring, so adding a little flavor to your H2O can help you drink more of it. And that’s where flavored waters and tea come in, which are hydrating options with a low amount of added sugar. Plus, you can get the same hydration benefits by eating foods that are high in water content, such as a ripe watermelon, which contains 92 percent water or even a cup of iced coffee or tea.

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