Pets are more than just family – they’re part of our lives and deserve the best care. At veterinary hospitals across the country, veterinarian richardson tx, pet owners have access to quality and attentive care from dedicated teams of veterinary professionals. Whether you need an urgent visit to UrgentVet Dallas or specialty cardiology care at MedVet Grapevine, you’ll find the right team of veterinary specialists ready to help your pet stay healthy and happy.Read more

What are 4 things a veterinary assistant or technician is not allowed to do under Texas laws?

Shyquinca Ford

Bear was a patient at MedVet Richardson who came in with difficulty urinating. After a quick exam, our veterinarians were able to diagnose and treat him right away! He was home within the hour!

We know unexpected vet costs can be stressful for pet parents. That’s why we’re pleased to accept payment solutions like CareCredit and Scratchpay, making it easier for you to afford the quality healthcare your pet deserves. Find out how pet insurance can save you up to 90% on vet bills for accidents & illnesses. Get a free quote in minutes.

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