Interior Shutters Colchester

Our white shutters are one of the most desirable products for UK homes offering complete privacy and a unique window dressing unlike any other window dressing in the market. They can be opened to allow in light and breeze or closed to shut out the noise and outside world. Our expert consultants will advise on the louver size to best suit your lighting and privacy requirements.More info

They can also help to reduce energy costs as they offer great insulation by closing up tight and blocking the windows frame, keeping warm air in and cold out. The overlapping louvers create a good seal and the shutters fit close to the window frame. This will also cut down on heat loss in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Practical and Stylish: Interior Shutters for Colchester Living Spaces

Full Height shutters are fitted across the entire window producing a simple and elegant effect. They can be made to open as one panel or have a mid-rail installed that separates the upper and lower sections of the louvers. This allows the upper louvers to be opened independently of the lower louvers giving greater control over light and privacy.

Pinnacle Shutters are popular in bay windows but can be fitted to all window shapes. This offers the versatility of a split shutter, allowing the upper and lower tiers to be opened separately from each other, letting in the light at the top of the window whilst maintaining privacy at the bottom.

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